Graduation.. Attributing success!

For one and many graduation is the most exciting day-culmination of years hard work, i wonder what would it be like on my day of graduation, how i would watch the economy turn from bad to worse as i am handed over with a piece of paper that speaks four years of chaos, hard work & dedication will still be very strong words to use, disappointments and linger for satisfaction  i would say! You know that feeling when you had been working so hard on something, putting in your best time and grease, and in the end you have to settle down for something you never thought you would!
Despite this dread and trauma of destitution you are going to face, what matters in the end is that you refuse to give up, even if it is worst of the situations you have to go through , no matter how many times, you should still be standing affirm with the same single-mindedness and adherence that you had when you were a fresher, because its this trauma thats gonna give you strength when you kneel down desperate to give up or when a million distractions crave your attention. Remember! Your travails and undertakings will never go unrewarded, never hesitate to struggle for something you desire because all great things fall into place after the smaller ones, and ones that don’t will open up further opportunities for you. Always keep looking for ways and means that will make you stronger! Theres no market place that will provide you a store full of fortuity or a magic ball that will make luck fall into your lap. Its tough to get a fair shake the way everything’s set up in this race. So its you who is gonna make way for yourself , do yourself plenty good because no one else is going to. Suit up and let people know theres another die-hard aspirant in the concours d’elegance!!

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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