Why students go for M.B.A after B.tech?

Theres a huge proportion of people changing their domain to managerial having in hand a graduate degree especially  B.tech. They either have messed up their 4 years in engineering and in the end cursing their colleges they go for an M.B.A programme.
There are number of reasons for this big strategical decision students take:
1. IIMs have been center of attraction for students since long, after having fucked up their engineering , they see a hope nowhere but in the management studies.
2. Secondly, the salary packages the companies offer for a B.tech+M.B.A degree programme is far better than for ones after M.tech. After having been surrounded by gadgets for a long time, it’s their once in a while wish to get into a different world.
3. And for the ones who already have a working experience in two or more software companies or maybe want to get self employed, feel that key to business operations or functioning of engineering firms is the right combination of the technical and management skills so they go for an apt decision!
4. Furthermore MBA helps you to expand your lifecycle  to a global level within a short period. acquiring management skills, a brand name plus value and a social status are some other aspects it deals with.
5.If you are a recent graduate in engineering, it , sciences or humanities, an MBA degree will not only enrich your skill-set, but make your profile more marketable. There are more jobs for mba graduates in today’s economy who have versatile skill set rather than specialists than limited abilities.

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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