Seclusion: Lets get a way with it!

Seclusion, Forlornness, Solitude are the worst ever abstract nouns I can link Mankind with. People say, they like being lonely, but i ask do they have a choice?? They feel they can head on working away from the crowd, good that’ll fetch them, But in thunder of loneliness and those walls you’ve build up  portending the future benefits, will not take more of time to cage you up! Mother teresa said, “the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”, henceforth loneliness is not something you can abate through money or luxury! What happens when you are alone? A scent of depression and pessimism is what you’ll go through. For once you feel, you’ve been given up by people who you thought had loved you once, the ones you trusted, for a while you can be doing good enough to not letting you realise the need of being amongst people, people you can laugh out and crack silly jokes with, but when the heft of emotions heap up, they’ll have to come out, They’ll need someone to listen, not just anybody out but someone who understands it and respects it too!

Having being around family and friends, i had developed this small and restricted area of happiness until my graduation, i used to find happiness in even slightest of events, say a compliment, a good score in class assessment and there’s an endless list! My parents had provided me with a big comfort zone. Apparently, Even buying essentials was something I did for the first time, when I entered college.What my parents forgot while nurturing me with all sorts of luxuries and self-indulgence was that they just have me for a finite period of time, and i’ll ultimately have to travel a long road of journey  alone without them. This all that took me to cope up with the super haphazard consequences of loneliness! The courses and means of happiness and the things that instilled joy in me had completely transformed. Working on them was first step i took to conqeur the haunting lonliness i faced. This is something that you face when you all of a sudden move out of your so used to daily routines.

This is something you really need to condone the ambiguity In. When one despises being alone, one insists on Standing alone! Its just an independent tread you can seek a prop in to handle unaccustomed situations. You ought to be unique in every way, there is gonna be a lot of criticism and censure with your ways and principles but those just ain’t enough to shake you off your strong affirmations. Anyways, Lets get back to the mighty introvert thing we were dealing with! Hope you guys are still with me!

What exactly you were up to when you last felt alone? Nothing? I guess. This is just where you need to cut yourself some slack, keeping busy! Once you have a lot of errands to deal with you never find a navigation to Loneliness. People will just feel the need to be around you, they’ll have quite a keen sense of curiosity every time you rush with your manic activities.
Another thing that gets you to feeling lonely is Stress, keep calm and try to analyse the situation, know that you are way bigger than your problems. One way to deal with stress is writing, every time your up with something new or undergoing any trauma or a mood swing! Pen down your emotions, whatever you are upto!
Music! Nothing’s better than a beautiful song or a music genre you usually listen, to alter your emotions or drive you into a world less of worries! All you need is to create your own suitable surroundings, that will help you survive while you are lonely, Say a beautiful graffiti on your wall that you look at every time you wake up!
There are millions of similiar things you can work out with and find a solution to it, just remind yourself that,

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A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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