Oddities of being a writer

If you are a pen and paper person and have a peculiar habit of noting down even the slightest of thoughts that come to your mind, there are certain idiosyncrasies that you will be flabbergasted to know that you have.
  • If you are writer you have a keen sense of observation, you can’t afford to let go of the slightest of events unnoticed. Observing things with hawk-eyed senses helps you write better as well as understand better.
  • You have a profound idea of what you are writing, you need to know all that you can about the field in order to produce a clean document of your thoughts and ideas that doesn’t require expurgating or bowdlerizing or you might end up committing a faux pass if you go around bragging about something that doesn’t comply to your cognizance.
  • You have an experience of every moment that you pen down, so you bring your readers a clear picture of the event. Even if you write for yourself, you are as well a connoisseur in forging down what exactly did happen, so that even after you read it after a long time, you don’t find trouble manifesting the true course of events.
  • You have a way with your readers, you are well aware of what they might like and what they might not. You empathize with them when you write. You have a power to perceive the world from the view point of a 10 year old child, 20 year old teenager and a 40 year old adult. 
  • You are always ready to learn, when you come across something new, you develop a febrile attitude towards writing about it, so that you can have another clique of readers who might read it. You learn from other’s writings too, you know how to write conveying the exact same idea restraining from developing a counterfeit at the same time.
  • You are also well aware of the society, its trends and modus operandi so that what you write doesn’t become outdated and what you write is always readable whether it alludes the times today or a decade ago.
  • Your writings never fail to raise certain rhetorical questions blowing the minds of your readers. It not only generates awareness among your readers but also invokes in them a keen sense of curiosity.
  • You have a rebellious attitude towards the wrong done, dauntless writing about the established traditions and culture. You are always ready to debate about what you feel is right. Your writings and your ideas of creating a better world justifies your hostility towards injustice. The letters to the editor from the editorial column of the newspaper The Hindu never fail to enthrall me be it a political agenda, a law, or a murder. They’re all about opining about the happenings today and raising voice against the injustice.

So even if you’ve written something trivial , an event or an account, treasure it, because who knows someday it might inspire you to write something that might give you your cahoots of readers. 

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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