Accepting Reality, changing Outlook!

This post is for everybody I know who in some or the other way is linked with or is working for an IT firm, though people now are quite aware of the employment opportunities and placement trends in the IT Industry, here’s an insight to the lurking reality, and some reassuring inspiration. For all those glued to their laptops and computers trying to excel in running programs and source codes, if you feel you will have a fortune paid for something that is available at every doorstep, you’re wrong. Looking two years back, the pretentious showcase of the infrastructure, the placement trends of the ubiquitously available engineering colleges was incredibly alluring for a science scholar, but we’ve become a smarter cohort of people, realising the exiguous availability of the workforce in the field of bio-chemistry, botany, food technology, etc., a B.Sc. degree seems to have become a cynosure. Even the students who score 90-98 percent marks in intermediate tend to go for a B.Sc. degree than B.Tech, realising the increasing demands of lecturers, scientists and researchers.
The only time I felt sanguine about me doing engineering was when I saw the movie 3 idiots, a lot later after its release. Something I hate about Indian movies, they’re way more emotional and poignant than inspiring, I mean what would a generation like us who are inclined to earning more money than pursuing a passion, want out of a heart-melting compilation of drama, for sure a world so realistic seems bearable for a while but raising a rhetorical question, what good do you do to yourself watching them? They influence you to an extent that you start despising something you can get in a blink of an eye; you want something extraordinary without going an extra mile. They say, find someone who’d pay you for something you love doing. Ask today’s generation, what they love doing the most? 70 percent of them have an excellent calibre of eating, sleeping, shopping and gossiping and nothing perceptible other than that, de facto majority of them don’t even know what good they might do, if once in while they find someone paying them for their devotion and passion towards something.
The software industry no doubt was and still is the cornerstone of the newly emerging MNCs, just that the trends have radically changed, parents becoming excessively concerned about their children’s educational needs and hot-footed about them being successful, well-settled  earning a hefty amount as soon as they turn 21, credentials of working under a certain profile is now fulfilled by a larger proportion of the population than it was a decade ago, consequently a fresher today in a IT industry is paid no more than 10,000-15,000, which is much lesser than it was ten years back. There is no dearth of engineering graduates doing donkey’s work getting underpaid under the start-ups and other nascent firms. They’re under a pressure so grim that they’re not even aware that they’re worth way more than what they’re getting. Yet neither the government, nor the management can be blamed for such a scenario in disbursing of remuneration among the software engineering workforce. If you are a fresher, you are in some or the other way bound to be affected by the changing needs of the major MNCs. A witty programmer is lays down the foundation of an IT industry, but a successful organisation works under an apt compilation of management, statistics analysis, design, testing, marketing and other tactics and not just programming techniques. 
Disparaging as it is, yet all you need understand is that, this is something you’d call fait accompli, you can’t do anything to change the economic trends, face of IT is changing rapidly and there is no going back. As a result of current economics demands and ongoing technological developments, IT industry is undergoing a number of significant shifts, and just if we monitor these developments carefully, we can come up with a perceptible number of solutions. Mobile devices, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Telework/Virtual offices, Productivity are some current trends of Information Technology we can work with. Despite of all odds, excelling in doing something will always find its way to success. Wake up and learn all that comes your way. Excel in whatever you do, don’t settle for something mediocre, Success takes time, and just because you came late does not mean you failed. Choices are still abundant, take a while and analyse your potentials, don’t run after something that you see a swarm of people doing. Nobody is a born Prodigy. Find people you can learn from, set your idols, and work your ass off so that people wonder how you got there despite of all the impediments. 

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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