Justice prevails disappointing Mark Zuckerberg!

Kicking away the unrightful proposal, raising voice against the unethical practices of Facebook to have complete authority to control the accessibility of internet content. The free basics have been condemned by the telecom regulatory authority of India. Facebook’s Free Basics app, which was launched in association with Reliance Communications, is now banned. TRAI has taken a strong stand against linking of free data with specific content, noting that allowing something like this hamper the idea of an ‘open Internet’ and has asked Reliance Communication to keep it in Abeyance.

Facebook has already spent a whooping Rs. 300 crores  to get people to support it’s free basics programme which was not only going to negatively impact other networking giants but also question our citizen’s calibre to think and reason. It’s good to see people use their presence of mind in following blindly to what is being offered free of cost and stand up against the expedient ways of the organisation to have carte blanche.
TRAI has ruled against differential pricing. This practice takes advantage of a company’s position and product offerings and services to maximize the profits. A differential pricing strategy allows the company to adjust pricing based on various situations or circumstances. The price variations come in different forms, from discounts for a particular group of people to coupons or rebates for a purchase. Offering discounts allows your company to expand to customers who might not otherwise buy your product. The lower price makes your business more attractive to the groups you target. The company’s overall sales increase due to this expanded customer base. 
  • No service provider shall enter into any arrangement, agreement or contract, by whatever name called, with any person, natural or legal, that has the effect of discriminatory tariffs for data services being offered or charged by the service provider for the purpose of evading the prohibition in this regulation.
  • Reduced tariff for accessing or providing emergency services, or at times of public emergency has been permitted.
  • Financial disincentives for contravention of the regulation have also been specified
TRAI justly estimated the favouritism and infringement of such discriminating tariffs and hence prohibited any such practices promoting net neutrality. So India continues to enjoy a platform of open internet. Cheers!

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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