Let’s Rewind

Little did you know as a kid, you had no idea of what life would look like after a certain span of time. As kids, everybody used to have their goals set up in mind, but very few tend to stick to that goal till the very end. As you grow up you are faced with the harsh realities of life.

Life is about a lot more than something you can perceive with your tiny brains. You can build a number of strategies in your mind, but they prove worthless after a while when life starts taking turns you cannot even remotely predict. Your perception of life changes with your interests and so does your needs. You cannot do anything about it.

So, this young feverish generation is all scooped up. With their bags tied, they are ready to head on to a place where they cannot flood back from unless of course if they are a Thomas Alva Edison or a Steve jobs edition.
I have a feeling of an intense déjà vu looking at them,
Many of you might still think if you would have given a second thought to that spur of the moment four years back, or whatever time it has been while you were an 18 year old imbecile who was locked in to bounce into a boogie that looked attractive without even knowing where that wheel is going to head, the scenario might have been way different. Some of you might have stumbled upon something that you totally had your mind into while some might have ended into an imbroglio where you have had no choice except doing donkey’s work with a hope of something good to come. Your fate cannot be undone. Even if you start all over again that zeal is always going to be missing.
There might no doubt be disinclination between your potential and your field of interest. There might be a thousand potentials in you, doesn’t mean you will randomly pick out one to have a life long battle with. This isn’t a brick and mortar store or an online shopping portal where you can go back in the nick of time to get on the new ball. You may though let it ride but then we all know what fate is going to be.
Inspirational proverbs start to seem so lame that you start despising the good. Only thing that could make you optimistic in approach is either the results of your endeavor or another opportunity to pursue your passion.
So, you can think a thousand times before getting in, but once you get on the ship you have no other option left except to sail.

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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