The Pokemon Go Rage


Just a week after it’s launch, Pokémon Go Launched by the Japanese largest video game company Nintendo has become a rage in US , Australia, and New Zealand. It has reached amongst the top Grossing apps in US App Store within just hours after it’s launch. In the US, it is downloaded more than 2 million times on iOS devices, generating roughly $1.6 million daily revenue from in-app purchases. Statistics revealed average time spent on this game has reached 43 minutes which has crossed WhatsApp’s limit of 30 minutes on a an average everyday.

It hasn’t been officially launched in India, so you may not find it by searching through the app store but you can install it by configuring your Android devices to allow installation from Unknown Resources in the Privacy Settings. You may also say this game is better suited to the well lit streets of San Francisco or impeccably maintained parks of New York, yet poor streets and connectivity in India doesn’t seem to be a big problem and this game’s massive reach has already hooked kids as well as adults with its alluring features and most amazing thing about this game is, unlike traditional video games it involves you walking around a lot in search of Pokémon rather than sitting on your couches. The game uses the phone’s camera to show you the real world location view that helps you find them.

Kids who were and still are a Pokémon fan can easily reckon the intensity of Nostalgia this game has brought amongst the Youngsters. And if you still haven’t played this Augmented Reality cum Fantasy game it’s time for you to rush through your Android devices and give it a shot because you know that spirit of “Gotta catch’Em All” as kids is still living in our hearts.

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