Calling all the Fitness Enthusiasts!

India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, which is more than a sixth of the world’s population, half of which suffers from malnutrition. The India Health report on child under nutrition and maternity health as released on may 2015 is aimed to work over the under nourished demographic regions and bring about a radical change in Health and Nutrition trends in India.

Talking about e-commerce, lately we have relied so much on these online platforms for buying and selling of goods, that we hardly notice the brick and mortar stores anymore. Online banking and monitory transactions has transformed the phase of e-commerce to an extent that people have become quite a habitual of such an eased state of scenarios.

What if I tell you, you can experience a similar trend of medication direct to your homes, without you needing to stroll down streets for doctors?

Yes, that’s right. This online health and wellness platform called intends to do the same for you.  MySwaasth offers you a very attractive and effective way to maintain a record of your diseases, allergies and other trivial ailments, based on which you can consult your respective doctors, reckon the causes, and talk your problems out to the doctors through your computer screens. You get served with around the world facilities of hospitals sitting on your couches. It offers you integrated benefits of self- diagnostic systems, consultation with doctors, scheduling appointments online, maintaining health records and finding out a doctor nearby your locality.

The next time you experience any ailing symptom in your body, all you need to do is login into this site, type out the symptoms you are feeling and you will have colossal information regarding the disease you may be suffering with, the precautions and the medical procedures you need to take care of while you visit a doctor. The overview of the procedures gives you a remote idea of what your treatment would look like. So if you have any kind of skepticism regarding the tests and the medications, your doctor tells you, you can easily look them up here. You even have an option to choose your hospital center or clinic on the basis of specialist’s trade available, say cardiology, gynaecology and many more or set up an appointment with the doctor of your choice. In simple words, you have all your health related problems sorted out right from your desktops.

Consolidation of a platform like MySwaasth is no big deal in a place like India. With such a reliable experience of medication and assurance of the health related benefits you can delight yourself with the best that is available in the city.

You can Connect with this platform via following URLs:

Official Website:






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