Brain Workouts! Why sit back when you can proliferate your brain throughput?

Do you have healthy brains besides a healthy body?

Your brain has the caliber to do the impossible; it is blessed with an intellectual instinct that is capable of doing amazing things. So the more often you use it, the better it would work.

Though physical exercises give you a push in dodging off dementia and increasing your cognitive span, but there are a number of brain workouts that would give your brain a head start and boost its overall functioning and throughput.

Researchers have stated that those who have a healthy brain and body behaviors tend to significantly reduce the risk of dementia and stress.  We all have different work routines. Some do work that drives their analytical skill, requires their brain to be pro-active all the time, whereas some tend to be doing more of physical work as a part of their daily routine. Hence, in order to make to ends meet we need to co-ordinate and create a balance between the two kinds of lifestyles.

Although a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas has stated that brain works through associations. Basically, do things that stand out of your routine. That is, brain works at its best when it involves maximum number of senses.

  • Your morning newspaper is the best way to start with; you can start your day with solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku, published in the repertoire of your morning newspaper.


  • Exposure to blue light helps your brain stay more alert and awake; sun is a vast source of blue light. Go for a fifteen minute walk in the sun for giving your brain a push.


  • However at the end of the day when your body prepares itself for sleep and your brain needs to wind down, you should prefer to stay in the dark.


  • Another peculiar brain workout can be intermittent fasting. Going a few hours without food will help you lose fat as well as help your brain to fight stress.


  • Stimulate your taste buds, as you eat a variety of flavored food, try recognizing the taste if the herbs and the spices. Its helps your brains stay conscious and alert.


  • Co-ordinate your senses. Usually learning a new hobby is the best way to do this. Try knitting. Gardening, puzzle solving, painting etc. Try doing two different tasks at the same time. Not very often though, it may mess your work up but just keep giving it a try every now and then.


  • Try doing exercises that involve both your brain as well as body. Learn new sports, meditate and perform aerobics. Yoga is also a very effective way to keep your brain efficiently working.


  • Learn a foreign language. It is often believed that maintaining a rich vocabulary keeps your brain away from cognitive impairments.


  • Hippocampus is the area of the brain that associates memories and odors. Open your car window while you travel and on the way try to recognize every sound, every smell you come across. This will enhance the cognitive abilities of your hippocampus area.


  • Try using touch to recognize the subtle differences between objects. Shower with your eyes closed, it helps in increasing simulation in cortical areas and aggrandizing the synapses.


  • Art is the best way to connect to brain’s emotional and non-verbal instincts. It helps you reduce stress and give your brain a respite from a hectic routine.


Hence, there can be a number of other things you can figure out to train your brains to bring out the best in you. Following these simple and affordable norms can help your brain get along really really well.

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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