What’s in your Closet ?

Women, almost all have an invincible urge for vogue. Be it their looks, their attire, their skin or their cosmetics brands.

You can relate if you are a working women yourself, your office going routine becomes cumbersome and monotonous unless you put on your best office outfits and accessories. You need a portable body care suitcase to ensure your skin’s health too. Hence, the key to a sassy chic style is a set of tried-and-true essentials that can be worn and worn again, no matter the season or the year. Here we sum up basic apparels and accessories that are inevitable for a working woman.

Flat black loafers

Sure you feel utmost comfortable and cosy wearing your flats, but they should never be flip-flops. Keep it sophisticated and elevated with a pair of classic black loafers.


A cardigan

You may sure encounter chilly evenings sometimes, its always good to keep some thing warm and homey for such times. Will help you retain your charisma no matter what the weather is.


A structured Tote

A tote bag is something inevitable to your wardrobe. It helps you keep all your essentials from comb to sun screens packed at a place. You can safely carry your wallets, mobile phones, and credit cards anywhere you go.

Black and Nude Structured Tote Bag-800x800

A classy night dress

You may any day bump into a friend, end up hanging out at a club or you may not have enough time sometimes to go home and change after work for a party , so a dress that can transition from the office to your favourite bar is always a gambit to keep.


A casual fit Denim

You absolutely cannot skip a dark denim that looks cool and bold out on a weekend. The indigo hue can look professional and won’t make you look a queer fish in the sea.


A cotton floral or leopard print scarf

Whether you are wearing a T-shirt or a shirt, a soothing scarf is always good to go with on a sunny day to avoid skin burn. Besides giving you that extra flare in your personality it can help you dodge off dust and pollution while you wrap it around your face.


A Black Blazer

For the women who work in metropolitan cities, wearing a black blazer will give them a scent of absolute urbanity and corporate refinement. Keep one in your closet!


White blouse

White blouses go with just about anything you can wear from the waist down from Jeans to skirts. It also provides naked area above the neckline to accessorise, giving you the opportunity to really show off your jewellery or scarfs.


So embrace yourself with these entities of utmost importance that helps you add a little glamour to your monotonous work life!

Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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