Deception rules the marketing!

The statement seems too good to be true, right? But there is an inherent truth lurking behind it. Plato said “Those who tell stories rule the society,” looking at the current marketing field and the influential political proposition, it can be seen evidently that the wisdom still applies, in fact, our world seems to be more interesting, flooded with new flavors with this exceptionally adept art. Applying this on a macroeconomic scale, when you have that ability to measure people and know who you’re dealing with in your business correctly, things take a different course. And, this has come out to become the most important skill in gathering or conserving power, especially in a driven business environment where profits of the organization have the top most priority after individual growth. And there are possible instances no matter how hard we play, no matter, however, powerful we are, there will always be a deceptively stronger person in the queue who will come out to be the unsung hero.

How intact is it within our Markets?

Talking about the marketing business, seen the Duracell lasts even longer Ad? They got sued by US customers claiming their alleged involvement in deceptive Marketing, they were more expensive than regular batteries although did not provide longer life than regular alkaline batteries.

Would you buy a body lotion that promises you weight reduction? Lol! I guess most of us would. But Nivea had paid a lump sum of $900,000 as settlement for the misleading advertisement, ultimately had to stop producing it.

And you won’t believe these ads got sold in 60 seconds!

I guess your business can cover here itself behind fictitious names and exhibit superfluous proficiency in various topics, there is a greater chance of acquiring customers who don’t know better. They have the option of hiring affiliates to do the illegal, dirty work of convincing people for them.

Also, it seems that people who inherit this art tend to do a lot better in life than others, especially when they have a superfluous pool of excuses they keep telling themselves, they’re happy and the best part, nobody can snatch it from them! Something reassuring under this scenario can be that it attracts some noble people into its palace who marvel at keeping up its spirit and brings under its influence the young entrepreneur minds.


Published by Jasmeet

A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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