Tata motor’s latest debut rolls out a niche brand

Tata Motors has launched its brand-new performance sub-brand TAMO and a new Commuter Vehicle (PV) plan under which the company will expose its superior product, the Futuro on 7th March 2017 before the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. TAMO, the organization, says, “will act as an incubating center of innovation towards innovative technologies, business standards, and partnerships to define future versatility solutions.”

TAMO is not just an added sub-brand such as Land Rover and Jaguar under Tata’s reign. It will not wind run of the mill cars either. Instead, TAMO cars will be the low amount and small investment models with stress on the base value of ownership, eco-friendly drivelines and a modular architecture. To achieve this, the first step that the company has taken is the reduction of platforms from six to just two.

Foreseen to be launched in 2018, the Tata Futuro will be the prime sports car by Tata Motors and is awaited to be priced around Rs 25 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. According to the company, the car will be “a stunning-looking car for the money” and will be outlined in-house. The Tata Futuro is a two-seater sports car and will be offered in limited numbers, 250 units initially.

The Tata Futuro will use nebbish body construction, which could be a blend of both, carbon-fibre and aluminum along with new technologies and innovations. Tata Motors currently uses six vehicle platforms, but the TAMO will use only two in favor of a lean and efficient working approach. The Futuro will be based on the compliant Advanced Modular Platform (AMP) to diminish the overall weight and will weigh around 700 kg. Aforementioned, it will give the car a fair power-to-weight ratio and will moreover aid the little effusions and fuel competence of the car. The AMP platform is proficient of producing a broad range of vehicles ranging from a hatchback to a sports car.

Tim Leverton, president, and head, Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors, said, ”With TAMO, we are starting a new era. The idea is to find new and innovative ways of experimenting. Their focus will be to hunt for new technologies and to track down opportunities at the innovation centers across the globe and to work with start-ups in the new spaces.


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