Stepping Stones to Affiliate Marketing – Chapter 1

It’s an evident fact that Affiliate Marketing has come out big with its highly innate and powerful potential to sell. That’s probably why you googled it and ended up here. Everybody who doesn’t shy away from earning some extra bucks is doing affiliate marketing today! So without wasting any time, let’s quickly sail through theContinue reading “Stepping Stones to Affiliate Marketing – Chapter 1”

How Product Giants are Going Big with Microservices

For the past couple of decades in the arena of Information technology, a product’s success is directly driven by the ability of a producer to quickly absorb the contemporary technology and deliver to the dynamic customer expectations. The ones that don’t, succumb to the market unpredictability and technological disruption.  A report by NGINX about 1,800Continue reading “How Product Giants are Going Big with Microservices”

Tata motor’s latest debut rolls out a niche brand

Tata Motors has launched its brand-new performance sub-brand TAMO and a new Commuter Vehicle (PV) plan under which the company will expose its superior product, the Futuro on 7th March 2017 before the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. TAMO, the organization, says, “will act as an incubating center of innovation towards innovative technologies, business standards, andContinue reading “Tata motor’s latest debut rolls out a niche brand”

10 Passive Idioms that will knock you off your socks!

Idioms are a very alluring and colorful way of communication and using them often make you look winning. But what is the most interesting part of coming across an idiom? You often cannot guess what an idiom means by the word semantics, in fact, the actual meaning might sometimes be downright opposite of what itContinue reading “10 Passive Idioms that will knock you off your socks!”

Deception rules the marketing!

The statement seems too good to be true, right? But there is an inherent truth lurking behind it. Plato said “Those who tell stories rule the society,” looking at the current marketing field and the influential political proposition, it can be seen evidently that the wisdom still applies, in fact, our world seems to beContinue reading “Deception rules the marketing!”

Jio’s 50 million subscribers on a Chill Wind!

With the year end, Jio user’s salad days have taken a leap, the full bouquet though will end on March 31st, but the welcome offer ended right when the clock struck twelve on 31st. The fair usage policy limit of 4GB has been slashed to 1GB now. The dawn of New Year will change aContinue reading “Jio’s 50 million subscribers on a Chill Wind!”

Why switch back? A freebie is a freebie!

A freebie is a freebie, you can’t go and fight for its problems like you would have normally done for a paid service. The freebie avalanche that Mr. Mukesh Ambani threw was supposed to bring about a digital upheaval. India is the land of poor internet connectivity, with bad call rates and unavailability of networks inContinue reading “Why switch back? A freebie is a freebie!”

Facts you didn’t know about Sasikala: the soul sister story!

People of Tamil Nadu are in close ranks with the decision of Sasikala being the successor of Jayalalithaa after she showed no disinterest in taking up all obligations in place of her motherly friend. And guess what’s on binge regarding the wise old lady’s confidante? Here is what’s been talked about her lately: Sasikala usedContinue reading “Facts you didn’t know about Sasikala: the soul sister story!”

Covering up the cashless Economy

With the scrapping away of 86% of the high denomination 1000 and 500 notes worth Rs. 15 trillion by PM Narendra Modi has brought to light a number of allegations against the NDA government claiming that it has “blocked” the money of the poor through currency ban to favor a “handful of industrialists”. While thisContinue reading “Covering up the cashless Economy”

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