Yahoo turns out to be Verizon’s White Elephant

If you have a Yahoo account, its high time you should log in and change your passwords and check for any other suspicious activities after yahoo itself has started taking steps to invalidate the unencrypted security questions which it had been reportedly declining to take since September this year. Yes, that’s true yahoo has encounteredContinue reading “Yahoo turns out to be Verizon’s White Elephant”

Urjit Patel- Embrace the Grind

So finally after a lot of hustle and rigorous interviews with 5 eminent candidates for the profile a panel of renowned members, we have been introduced to our new RBI governor Urjit Patel. What could be more reassuring than Raghuram’s right hand becoming his successor? In 2013, then prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh wrote aContinue reading “Urjit Patel- Embrace the Grind”

Global women power!

  Women since ages were stereotyped to belong to the domestic sector. Their potential lied in a derelict, unheeded as they were considered debutantes for the household chores inside the four walls and not beyond that. Nobody ever envisaged an era where these homemakers, could be seen running successful enterprises and businesses. But nobody eitherContinue reading “Global women power!”

Brain Workouts! Why sit back when you can proliferate your brain throughput?

Do you have healthy brains besides a healthy body? Your brain has the caliber to do the impossible; it is blessed with an intellectual instinct that is capable of doing amazing things. So the more often you use it, the better it would work. Though physical exercises give you a push in dodging off dementiaContinue reading “Brain Workouts! Why sit back when you can proliferate your brain throughput?”

Calling all the Fitness Enthusiasts!

India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, which is more than a sixth of the world’s population, half of which suffers from malnutrition. The India Health report on child under nutrition and maternity health as released on may 2015 is aimed to work over the under nourishedContinue reading “Calling all the Fitness Enthusiasts!”

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