Ratan Tata invests on snapdeal, company raises $100 along with 5 more investors!

Snapdeal has raised $100 that is 590 crores , from a group of 5 investors including Ratan Tata! This investment by Tata and sons limited, a renowned name in business circles globally as well as nationally is of a huge significance for company’s economic growth. According to bahl, the chairman the company has been receivingContinue reading “Ratan Tata invests on snapdeal, company raises $100 along with 5 more investors!”

Windows 9 unveiling!

Microsoft unveiling windows 9 this September 30!Not so much as rumours, but a confirmation, the CEO  Satya Nadella commented on future of windows recently, saying”in past we had multiple teams working on different versions of windows. Now we have one team with common architecture.this allows us to scale,create Universal windows Apps.”Regardless of whether picture isContinue reading “Windows 9 unveiling!”

6 steps to a healthy stress free college life!

College life can be the most critical and crucial period of one’s life.As i parted from the comfort zone my parents had provided me,i had hard time adjusting with my daily routine,eating & sleeping habits plus coping with the stress resulting from it! Following are some points we can adopt to combat with extremely stressfulContinue reading “6 steps to a healthy stress free college life!”


Hey friends! Here comes my first blog.I’d soon come up with something interesting and entertaining.This blog does not restrict to any particular theme.Any random web content would be shared! 🙂I’ll try bringing up the latest ‘Hot’ discussions covering almost all fields be it media, film , art or politics! Hoping for a ellastic response! Wishes!Continue reading “Starter”

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