Happy birthday to this one beautiful girl!

And she continues to win my heart always, Be her smile, her moves! How there are some famous people you just can’t help loving, Their perfection is something you adore. She has had this poise from the times she started modelling! Alongside her fabulous works in Cocktail, Ramleela and other blockbuster films her sports backgroundContinue reading “Happy birthday to this one beautiful girl!”

Seclusion: Lets get a way with it!

Seclusion, Forlornness, Solitude are the worst ever abstract nouns I can link Mankind with. People say, they like being lonely, but i ask do they have a choice?? They feel they can head on working away from the crowd, good that’ll fetch them, But in thunder of loneliness and those walls you’ve build up  portendingContinue reading “Seclusion: Lets get a way with it!”

Why students go for M.B.A after B.tech?

Theres a huge proportion of people changing their domain to managerial having in hand a graduate degree especially  B.tech. They either have messed up their 4 years in engineering and in the end cursing their colleges they go for an M.B.A programme.There are number of reasons for this big strategical decision students take:1. IIMs haveContinue reading “Why students go for M.B.A after B.tech?”

Nailing trends- month’s best outfits!

Whether you’re off on a holiday or simply looking for a new summer look, constructing you wardrobe is always been a breeze! Here is a list of top outfits that will make you look elegant as well as classy!  #1  Infuse your wardrobe with a flavour of soothing light coloured evening dresses, for ladies whoContinue reading “Nailing trends- month’s best outfits!”

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