Yahoo turns out to be Verizon’s White Elephant

If you have a Yahoo account, its high time you should log in and change your passwords and check for any other suspicious activities after yahoo itself has started taking steps to invalidate the unencrypted security questions which it had been reportedly declining to take since September this year.

Yes, that’s true yahoo has encountered a much drastic security apocalypse after the reported incidents of 2013 and 2014. The breach disclosed in September was believed to have hacked 500 million accounts, but a recent disclosure revealed the number has hit as high as one billion. Yahoo was warned with a massive breach by US law enforcement and has validated the data with the help of outside forensic experts. The data does not appear to include payment details or plaintext passwords, but it still doesn’t let its users off the hook.

Verizon on the way of an unperformed unclosed 4.8 billion deal over which the authorities had already been seeking a discount of one billion alluding to 2013 hack, may now hit the ceiling with the options of renegotiating or walking away. Sure Yahoo may still have millions of users visiting its site, but the soaring shares of the company will definitely cover it with an aura of hauteur and skepticism regarding the deal.

What users need to do?

Under these Circumstances of commotion and uncertainties prevailing in the security framework of yahoo, users should update their important account details immediately!

  • Change your password to a strong one, probably the one using alphanumeric characters.
  • Change your recovery info – Update your alternate email address and mobile number.

What’s in your Closet ?

Women, almost all have an invincible urge for vogue. Be it their looks, their attire, their skin or their cosmetics brands.

You can relate if you are a working women yourself, your office going routine becomes cumbersome and monotonous unless you put on your best office outfits and accessories. You need a portable body care suitcase to ensure your skin’s health too. Hence, the key to a sassy chic style is a set of tried-and-true essentials that can be worn and worn again, no matter the season or the year. Here we sum up basic apparels and accessories that are inevitable for a working woman.

Flat black loafers

Sure you feel utmost comfortable and cosy wearing your flats, but they should never be flip-flops. Keep it sophisticated and elevated with a pair of classic black loafers.


A cardigan

You may sure encounter chilly evenings sometimes, its always good to keep some thing warm and homey for such times. Will help you retain your charisma no matter what the weather is.


A structured Tote

A tote bag is something inevitable to your wardrobe. It helps you keep all your essentials from comb to sun screens packed at a place. You can safely carry your wallets, mobile phones, and credit cards anywhere you go.

Black and Nude Structured Tote Bag-800x800

A classy night dress

You may any day bump into a friend, end up hanging out at a club or you may not have enough time sometimes to go home and change after work for a party , so a dress that can transition from the office to your favourite bar is always a gambit to keep.


A casual fit Denim

You absolutely cannot skip a dark denim that looks cool and bold out on a weekend. The indigo hue can look professional and won’t make you look a queer fish in the sea.


A cotton floral or leopard print scarf

Whether you are wearing a T-shirt or a shirt, a soothing scarf is always good to go with on a sunny day to avoid skin burn. Besides giving you that extra flare in your personality it can help you dodge off dust and pollution while you wrap it around your face.


A Black Blazer

For the women who work in metropolitan cities, wearing a black blazer will give them a scent of absolute urbanity and corporate refinement. Keep one in your closet!


White blouse

White blouses go with just about anything you can wear from the waist down from Jeans to skirts. It also provides naked area above the neckline to accessorise, giving you the opportunity to really show off your jewellery or scarfs.


So embrace yourself with these entities of utmost importance that helps you add a little glamour to your monotonous work life!

Unravelling GST!

Have you ever pondered over the price you pay for the goods you buy, over the raw material expenses and the overall tax that government is charging you over the goods? It’s high time since the GST bill’s constitutional amendment is being talked about and we as citizens are unaware of it’s basic principle and working.

Here is the GST bill unravelled!

Suppose one fine day you plan to sell the food that’s made in your kitchen. You buy vegetables, spices, use your cooking gas over it. Suppose the raw materials you’ve been using costs you a sum of Rs. 100, now this sum already includes a tax payment of rupee 10 say at a tax rate of 10%. Now when you process food, lets say you invest in a sum of Rs. 20 more while using your resources processing it. Now the total value of your food becomes 100+20= 120. According to a tax payment at rate 10%, this sum corresponds to a tax of Rs. 12. Now do you see the glitch? This Rs. 12 already includes a tax that you’ve paid in buying the raw materials. So, the actual tax that you are to pay is 12-10= Rs. 2.

So can you imagine this scenario when extended to various stages of processing will accumulate a large sum of tax that a consumer has to pay including indirect taxes like luxury, excise duties VATs etc. This system has a number of bottlenecks as the companies have to pay a huge sum of taxes for selling it’s goods across the state. Not only will this do away with the excess taxes, but will give the regional competitors and start ups a chance to become national brands. Goods and Services tax bill is about bringing a tax reform in this imbroglio, and using a uniform and correct approach to impose taxes on it’s citizens. Also it is going to decrease the overhead for tax collection charges on the government. It sure is going to bring a about a revolutionary change in the taxation system of India, but there is a major setback to it too, it does not apply to lucrative sectors like Oil, real estate and alcohol, but will increase the prices of the tax on our mobile phone bills from 15% to 18% as is mandated by GST. Also there are other political obstacles to its amendment in April 2017. The opposition wants the constitutional amendment to specify the tax rate. It’s been given a whole lot of time just because the fact that any further changes to the tax bill will require a lengthy amendment process again.

Besides all of this happening, all we can do as citizens is play martinet in paying taxes as we see the government officials hustle for this radical change. 16 years is one hell of a time waiting for such a reform, where it is going to be easy for companies to conduct a business and carry out its logistic processions. So we are all tied up for another epochal era of government’s remarkable reform measures. Hurray!


Urjit Patel- Embrace the Grind

So finally after a lot of hustle and rigorous interviews with 5 eminent candidates for the profile a panel of renowned members, we have been introduced to our new RBI governor Urjit Patel. What could be more reassuring than Raghuram’s right hand becoming his successor?

In 2013, then prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh wrote a letter of recommendation for Mr. Patel as the deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India. He is a very highly educated personality who has had an adroit work experience in Start up Infrastructure Financing and Energy. Born in Kenya, he has completed his studies in UK and US before coming to India. He has attained a bachelors degree in Economics from London school of Economics and an M. Phil from Oxford university in 1986. He has helped the government in bringing about reforms in airports, roads, ports , telecom etc. Times of India Entitles him as a inflation warrior with corporate background. Here is a list of his remarkable work experience:

  • At IMF India desk from 1991-94 transition period.
  • President of Business Development in Reliance Industries Limited from 1997 to 2006.
  • Served the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs between 1998 and 2001 as a consultant.
  • Between 2000 and 2004, worked with several Central and State government committees such as the Task Force on Direct Taxes, the Ministry of Finance, and the Secretariat for the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Infrastructure.
  • Deputy Governor of RBI for a period of three years in 2013.
  • On 20 August 2016, appointed as the governor of Reserve Bank Of India(RBI).

Not just his dynamic educational profile but his commendable work and contribution towards Indian Economics that led to his appointment for this prestigious position. Economist say his appointment will no doubt bring about  a stability in India’s Monitory Policies. His adept candidature for someone who has a depth of knowledge of India’s past and present and one who has had around the world view and experience in Corporate world will surely prove a panacea in reshaping India’s Monitory policy and controlling Inflation.


The Legends Speak

Mark Cuban says, “If you’re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.”

 The real muscle lies in giving yourself a Head start. There are legends who have led dauntless lives taking potentially harmful risks at every point of their life. Not that they had the power to dodge them off, they just had this extra ordinary instinct to overcome them in seamlessly ordinary way. Once you have analyzed your potentials and have had that invincible urge to utilize them, you will have concomitantly visible results to your endeavors. Common man often underestimates what can be done in a lifetime and overestimates what could be done in a day. You will be frustrated at how you can’t see a perceptible change in your life gradually as you grow, but one fine day when you look back, there are going to be innumerable things to celebrate. Just keep going.

Global women power!


Women since ages were stereotyped to belong to the domestic sector. Their potential lied in a derelict, unheeded as they were considered debutantes for the household chores inside the four walls and not beyond that.

Nobody ever envisaged an era where these homemakers, could be seen running successful enterprises and businesses. But nobody either imagined Airplanes, televisions or any of such technological advancements anywhere near future. Thanks to an incredible workforce of indigenous scientists, researchers, who have made these advancements possible, and hence forth we started seeing a spark of insurgency amongst women to be as equally self-established as men.

Today there is no dearth of women working successfully with their self-established business; say eatery, a boutique, a textile industry, media or even an IT industry. We today live amongst the most creative, talented, confident, dauntless and enthusiastic women, who can by every means, match pace with this fastest growing economy. They can be seen hustling everywhere, be it marketing, engineering, finance, banking, manufacturing, laboring etc.

Let me introduce you to some of these remarkably blessed creatures who have successfully established their enterprises in this competitive market:

  1. Meena Bindra

The founder of the brand name BIBA, she started off her business as a passion, by designing clothes for women in her household in near about 1983 and within years she managed to make it rise to a highly recognized position in Indian market amongst the brands for women’s ethnic wear. ‘BIBA’ is the Punjabi endearment for women she says. She has been entitled with APEX Lifetime Achievement Award-2015, and is still on her way to acquire the bigger fish; she wants BIBA to become a global brand, running across seas, launching her stores in Dubai and London doing a remarkable business in international market.


  1. Patricia Narayan

Talking about the winner of ‘Ficci Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, she got into a love marriage at an early age, but her husband turned out to be abusive alcoholic. She was left all alone with the two children to take care of. Being a college dropout, she did not lose hope instead she chose to endeavor her cooking skills and became a caterer in Chennai. Her efforts became stagnant for a while when her newlywed daughter died. But she came out to be total powerhouse when she opened a restaurant by her daughter’s name thereafter. Today after 30 years of hard work she successfully runs a chain of restaurants. She proves to be a perfect epitome of an entrepreneur who overcame her never ending hurdles and has become an idol for a number of uneducated women.



  1. Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi was born in a conservative Tamil family in Madras, her father worked in the bank of Hyderabad and her grandfather, a district judge.  She joined IIM Calcutta to pursue her studies in Finance and Marketing. She worked with Johnson & Johnson for almost two years from here.  She went to US to pursue higher studies in management from Yale business school with a very little money. Here she worked as a receptionist to make her two ends meet. Today Nooyi is 12th highest paid women in the world currently working as the CFO and president of Pepsi co since past 15 years. She is currently settled in Greenwich happily married to Raj K. Nooyi raising two beautiful daughters.  Hers is a perfect epitome of success story depicting the highest glory a woman can achieve, being my favorite, she is truly an idol to me.


  1. Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal Kidwai (born 1957) is an Indian banker, Chartered Accountant and business executive. She is currently the Group General Manager and Country Head of HSBC India. She is also a former President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) School. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Delhi University and an MBA from Harvard business. Naina’s father was a top notch professional with an Insurance company. Business ran in her blood from her mother’s lineage too, who was closely related to Lalit Mohan Thapar, the famous industrialist. Both Naina and her sister were inspired by their parents and walked on paths of success in their chosen career paths. Naina’s sister is a famous golf player.


  1. Geeta Menon

Geeta Menon’s currently works as dean of the Undergraduate College at New York University’s Stern School of Business and the Abraham Krasnoff professor of global business and professor of marketing. She has worked in a number of leading business institutions in India and the US such as Wharton School, Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B), Stanford Business School and Indian School of Business, HyderabadMenon grew up in a family surrounded by women who were independent and determined and drew lessons from them. “In a leadership role, belief and perseverance are key traits to keep yourself and the people around you motivated to continue to strive towards important, as well challenging goals,” she says.



  1. Zulekha daud

Zulekha daud, 63 currently works as the Managing Director, Zulekha hospital, Sharjah. She is an Indian origin woman who grew up in Nagpur. She did her MBBS from General Medical College, Nagpur. She belonged to an orthodox family. Emerging as educated young girl, she faced a number of challenges as educating girls wasn’t a norm those days. Her family, her mother specifically supported her and helped her complete her studies in Medical. Dr Zulekha Daud came to the UAE at a time when life was tough. Undeterred, she went on to realize her dream to offer affordable quality medical facilities to all. Today, the Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah is testimony to her ideals and beliefs. Lovingly called Mama Zulekha by her patients, she may be 60-plus, but age has not dimmed her passion to make the world a better and healthier place.



  1. Kapoor Collins

Kapoor Collins is a humble Indian woman, a businesswoman and a mother. She is the founder of Enscient Corporation, which specializes in security and business development for the public sector. She combined her twin passions of public life and technology to launch Root Square, an innovative fundraising platform using gaming to enable political candidates and non-profits to raise funds across social media sites. Kapoor Collins received attention in 2012, when she served in a number of appointed and advisory positions for US president Barack Obama and helped raise millions of dollars for his re-election at the platform committee of the Democratic National Committee. She is currently a national co-chair for technology for Obama and has also been named a founding member of the “Ready for Hillary” super political action committee, which is laying the groundwork for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s possible presidential run.


  1. Mira Nair

Mira Nair is the woman who introduced Indian culture to the global audience. Accomplished Film Director/Writer/Producer Mira Nair was born in India and educated at Delhi University and at Harvard. She began her film career as an actor and then turned to directing award-winning documentaries, including So Far From India and India Cabaret. Her debut feature film, Salaam Bombay, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988. It won a number of other popular awards.  In 1977, Mira Nair met her first husband, Mitch Epstein, when taking photography classes at Harvard University. They divorced by 1987, and in 1988 Nair met her husband Mahmood Mamdani while in Uganda doing research for the film Mississippi Masala.


  1. Nina Lekhi

Nina launched this brand baggit, meant “bags with attitude” in 1984 as a fun enterprise with her friends while she was a student at Sophia polytechnic in Mumbai. She took her design seriously in her second year and started selling canvas bags around the locality. Soon the business emerged a success and by 2005-06, the company managed to raise a turnover of Rs. 7 crores with 50 staff-members and 450 job-workers. Today her company raises an annual turnover of Rs. 34 crores. She says, “I followed the path of the inner search. The most important things in life for me are peace and joy – not the pursuit of money.” These have kept her going.


  1. Deepa soman

Deepa soman is the founder and CEO of Lumière business solutions private limited providing marketing research and business solutions. Her father was in the media, which gave her lots of exposure to reading, analysis and research. She worked in HLL, and then moved to Jamaica with her husband on account of his IT job. Thereafter she launched this venture, mainly powered by women working from home. It offers employment opportunities to a number of women and also flexible work options. It specifically deals with training women in skills and making them professionally adept. Back in Mumbai, Lumière started as a one woman show. It clocked revenues of Rs 3.5 crore in March 2012 and aims to cross Rs 10 crore in 5 years’ time.


This is not the end to the list of women working and running successful enterprises all over the world, this list going to  keep growing with proliferation of mankind. These women have not only proved a women’s worth in the society beyond the four walls of their houses but have also earned  respect and recognition from their fellow men entrepreneurs.





Women’s day off!

Kids and teens, Does your house and chores lie in an Apocalypse the day your mommy takes off or falls sick? The answer is a universal truth.

Women are the domestic Managers; they have dozens of lives connected with their own.”

In a haste to stay slim, all they do is resist eating gluten, fiber and fat which could be the only source of the nutrients they have. Every woman, whether she is working or non-working, married or single contributes towards the domestication of the society in some way or the other. In simple words, we cannot imagine a world without them.

So if you are woman and can barely afford a minute for yourself, its high time you get all rough and ready for the things to come. You got to do something exigently to have a body that can match the pace with the world. Here are some of things you can take care of to stay refreshed and fit all day:

  • Drink plenty and plenty of water.
  • Eat in small amounts, at regular intervals of time rather than stuffing your tummy all at once.
  • Liquid diet is myth, fiber helps to digest. In simple words take every kind of food in appropriate amounts unless you are lactose or gluten intolerant.
  • Try walking on foot, wherever possible. It helps you burn calories.
  • Take a minute out to relax, smile, laugh and get going with your errands.
  • Eat foods that are a source of anti-oxidants, blueberries and spinach for instance.
  • Do not avoid egg yolks. They are a vital source of nutrient, except for allergic and intolerants.
  • You can eat dark chocolates to satisfy your cravings for sweet food. They help in weight loss.

Women have natural subtle instinct for the ones they love and live around. They will go bananas for their devoirs and duties. They are truly the keepers of our society. So, it should be their first priority to take care of their own health before they can do it for the society.Fat-Obliterator-Review.jpg

Brain Workouts! Why sit back when you can proliferate your brain throughput?

Do you have healthy brains besides a healthy body?

Your brain has the caliber to do the impossible; it is blessed with an intellectual instinct that is capable of doing amazing things. So the more often you use it, the better it would work.

Though physical exercises give you a push in dodging off dementia and increasing your cognitive span, but there are a number of brain workouts that would give your brain a head start and boost its overall functioning and throughput.

Researchers have stated that those who have a healthy brain and body behaviors tend to significantly reduce the risk of dementia and stress.  We all have different work routines. Some do work that drives their analytical skill, requires their brain to be pro-active all the time, whereas some tend to be doing more of physical work as a part of their daily routine. Hence, in order to make to ends meet we need to co-ordinate and create a balance between the two kinds of lifestyles.

Although a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas has stated that brain works through associations. Basically, do things that stand out of your routine. That is, brain works at its best when it involves maximum number of senses.

  • Your morning newspaper is the best way to start with; you can start your day with solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku, published in the repertoire of your morning newspaper.


  • Exposure to blue light helps your brain stay more alert and awake; sun is a vast source of blue light. Go for a fifteen minute walk in the sun for giving your brain a push.


  • However at the end of the day when your body prepares itself for sleep and your brain needs to wind down, you should prefer to stay in the dark.


  • Another peculiar brain workout can be intermittent fasting. Going a few hours without food will help you lose fat as well as help your brain to fight stress.


  • Stimulate your taste buds, as you eat a variety of flavored food, try recognizing the taste if the herbs and the spices. Its helps your brains stay conscious and alert.


  • Co-ordinate your senses. Usually learning a new hobby is the best way to do this. Try knitting. Gardening, puzzle solving, painting etc. Try doing two different tasks at the same time. Not very often though, it may mess your work up but just keep giving it a try every now and then.


  • Try doing exercises that involve both your brain as well as body. Learn new sports, meditate and perform aerobics. Yoga is also a very effective way to keep your brain efficiently working.


  • Learn a foreign language. It is often believed that maintaining a rich vocabulary keeps your brain away from cognitive impairments.


  • Hippocampus is the area of the brain that associates memories and odors. Open your car window while you travel and on the way try to recognize every sound, every smell you come across. This will enhance the cognitive abilities of your hippocampus area.


  • Try using touch to recognize the subtle differences between objects. Shower with your eyes closed, it helps in increasing simulation in cortical areas and aggrandizing the synapses.


  • Art is the best way to connect to brain’s emotional and non-verbal instincts. It helps you reduce stress and give your brain a respite from a hectic routine.


Hence, there can be a number of other things you can figure out to train your brains to bring out the best in you. Following these simple and affordable norms can help your brain get along really really well.

Calling all the Fitness Enthusiasts!

India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, which is more than a sixth of the world’s population, half of which suffers from malnutrition. The India Health report on child under nutrition and maternity health as released on may 2015 is aimed to work over the under nourished demographic regions and bring about a radical change in Health and Nutrition trends in India.

Talking about e-commerce, lately we have relied so much on these online platforms for buying and selling of goods, that we hardly notice the brick and mortar stores anymore. Online banking and monitory transactions has transformed the phase of e-commerce to an extent that people have become quite a habitual of such an eased state of scenarios.

What if I tell you, you can experience a similar trend of medication direct to your homes, without you needing to stroll down streets for doctors?

Yes, that’s right. This online health and wellness platform called intends to do the same for you.  MySwaasth offers you a very attractive and effective way to maintain a record of your diseases, allergies and other trivial ailments, based on which you can consult your respective doctors, reckon the causes, and talk your problems out to the doctors through your computer screens. You get served with around the world facilities of hospitals sitting on your couches. It offers you integrated benefits of self- diagnostic systems, consultation with doctors, scheduling appointments online, maintaining health records and finding out a doctor nearby your locality.

The next time you experience any ailing symptom in your body, all you need to do is login into this site, type out the symptoms you are feeling and you will have colossal information regarding the disease you may be suffering with, the precautions and the medical procedures you need to take care of while you visit a doctor. The overview of the procedures gives you a remote idea of what your treatment would look like. So if you have any kind of skepticism regarding the tests and the medications, your doctor tells you, you can easily look them up here. You even have an option to choose your hospital center or clinic on the basis of specialist’s trade available, say cardiology, gynaecology and many more or set up an appointment with the doctor of your choice. In simple words, you have all your health related problems sorted out right from your desktops.

Consolidation of a platform like MySwaasth is no big deal in a place like India. With such a reliable experience of medication and assurance of the health related benefits you can delight yourself with the best that is available in the city.

You can Connect with this platform via following URLs:

Official Website:




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